Sunday, November 2, 2014

Keep Up the Great Work

At the dinner table I was looking at Matthew and thinking where did the time go. He is now six year old. It feels just like yesterday when Matthew only was combining two or three words together to form sentences. Today he talks like an adult. He asks lot of questions as well.

'Dad to you know what objective means?', Matthew asked Dad.
'Tell me what does it mean', Dad asked to explain.
'Objective means to accomplish something', he replied proud that he was able to define it in his own way.
'Well done!', we replied.

After dinner we had one last piece of homework to complete. Every week Matthew in school writes us something about his week and our homework is to write Matthew a reply.

'Have fun and keep up the great work', were our last words in Matthew's journal.
'Oh man you can't say that again', he said after reading it.

Apparently he takes our journal responses very seriously and telling him to keep up the great work every week that puts stress on him. We agreed to write this statement every other week.

'That's great, I like that pattern', he added.

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