Thursday, August 27, 2009

Calculation Bloopers - Conversations and Blobbing

Dog's Lung Capacity
- So how did your test go?
- It was okay.
- Just okay. You probably did well. I saw you study a lot.
- Yes I did, but you know how it is when you have to calculate something under lot of pressure.
- Oh yes I know, I know. But you always did well. It seems like you are thinking about something.
- Yeah. I am still trying to figure out what I did wrong.
- What do you mean?
- There was this problem I had to solve, and I cannot figure out what I did wrong.
- How do you know you did it wrong. Did you know the answer ahead?
- No no, it was logical calculation, meaning real life numbers. So if you see the answer then you will know that you did something wrong.
- Okay then....
- Well, I left this problem to the last thinking that it was the easiest. It wasn't much time to go back and to correct. Boy... the teacher is going to have a good chuckle.
- Aha...
- Okay, the problem asked to solve the dog's lung capacity, meaning to determine the size of the dog's lungs.
- Okay, and then what?
- Well, don't laugh! My result showed that the lungs were bigger than the dog.
- Ouch....can I laugh with you.

Beam to Space
- Hey I finally finished my report. Do you want to see it?
- Yes yes, show me.
- Here it is.
- Wow you are so neat and organized, this is very nice looking report you have.
- Thank you!
- Do you mind that I look at the numbers, I used to take the civil engineering statics course.
- Yes go ahead. I checked my numbers and they seem okay.
- Just okay.
- Yes, but please do look it over.

Looking over the report briefly.
- So, did you really check your numbers.
- Yes I did. Why? What is wrong?
- Oh nothing, just a small mistake - it looks like your beam is bigger than our Mother Earth circumference. Please tell me that the problem asked for it.

Weight Loss Calculator
I don't know what was wrong with this online weight loss calculator, however, according to the data I entered, I have to loose additional 50 pounds. You tell me if I should. I am 125 pounds and 164 cm tall. I think the prefect name for this calculator would be - 'Become Anorexic' Calculator. Oh wait a second, may be they got their units wrong.


  1. LOL Anna, absolutely... These calculators do push us to become indeed anorexic ;)

  2. If you lost any more'd be invisible...I say chuck the
    and as far as the Civil Eng. wonder our bridges are falling...Gald am a Mech. B.Eng..this way no worries...just the slide rule, Beer and

  3. that was a nice laugh! :)

    How are you doing Anna?

  4. ...judging from your photos, I doubt if you really need to lose weight.

  5. My goodness, you need feeding up, not down! I'll bet your eyes near pooped out of their sockets to read you need to drop 50lbs.. grin.

    So funny, the tales of the calculus. My eldest has some pretty serious exams coming up this year - I empathise.

  6. Haha, very funny. And hey, you look alright, don't be confused by these machines. lol. :)

  7. Thanks TatianaV. Yes it made me laugh, so probably I lost some calories there. Anna :)

  8. Baron this calculator is out in the junk folder, lol. Yeah invisible it is, lol. So you are mechanical engineer too. You keep them straight then. Thanks for visiting again, Anna :)

  9. Hey WarmSunshine thanks for liking my post. I am doing just fine, busy busy but its all good. Hope all is well with you as well. Thanks for your comment, appreciated. Anna :)

  10. kriz I got this calculator in the spam mail, and I opened because it was nice to see something different than all the viagra emails, lol. No no intention loosing 50 lbs, lol. Kriz thanks for visiting this side of my life, Anna :)

  11. Lol Shrinky, you may be right. I remember after two months of nursing Matthew, I was below my normal weight, and eventually got to my normal level, lol. The calculator was a spam email, so I thought I try and see what they say. There was no intention on loosing more weight, lol. BTW calculus was fun, hope your daughter enjoys it. Thanks again for your lovely comment, Anna :)

  12. Thanks Jagjit, no no intention on loosing weight, lol, just some crazy spam email I opened, lol. Anna :)

  13. LOL!! I guess in these cases hing were just a little bit out. :) Thanks for the smile. :)

  14. A dog with lungs bigger than the dog. I love the paradox! It must make sense in a parallel reality. But I don't believe there's a parallel reality that makes the body weight calculators any more logical. Unless my hips are bigger than I am.

  15. Math! Ack! I have stumbled onto a math blog! Quick, hide me! Please, pose me no problems that can't be solved with general algebra.

    The conversations were great though and I would highly caution you against using that weight calculator. It was probably programmed by one of my math challenged relatives.

  16. that was a funny post..enjoyed reading it..:)

  17. Anna, you are a cheery cheeky thing, lol! Mondays need a healthy dose of you!

  18. Calculations can be a lot of trouble! Thank God I don't have to do any more projects or reports!!

  19. Anna... i love this post as you know that i love accounting.. but scared going back to university and 1st course is Fundamental of Mathematics:(..
    I was quite busy with signing up with the university and so many things going didnt get a chance to relax.. :)How's little one doing? Give my love to him:)

  20. Hey Anna, would you please send me an email @ ??? I have to ask you something. Thanks

  21. Oui, as an engineer, I made many such errors. :) All the units and conversions mostly!! My funniest was when I calculated the thickness of a reaction vessel and wrote the answer as "5 kg" (kg??) :D

  22. No problem Joan, thanks for visiting and commenting. Anna :)

  23. Hey San thanks for getting me back and making me laugh on your comment. You are funny... Anna :)

  24. Thanks Barrie, glad you liked it. Anna :)

  25. Quilly I love math, but you know once you get to certain level I think even teachers don't know what they are doing, just writing equations and trying to proof something. Yes I will be then watching out for those calculators Quilly, lol. Thanks for your comment, appreciated. Anna :)

  26. angel in disguise thanks for commenting and dropping by. I will try to visit your blog shortly. Anna :)

  27. Thanks Sandi, lol. Nice to see you here again. Anna :)

  28. Hey Novice Writer me too, thank God, lol. Hey thanks again for dropping by and commenting. Anna :)

  29. Sunshine, accounting wasn't much fun for me in engineering. Now that you reminded me, I probably would be very rich with my calculations, lol. We are doing fine, busy. Matthew is growing and is lot of fun. Thanks for asking, it is nice to see you here again, and thanks for the wishes. Anna :)

  30. Andra we don't have secrets here, you can tell me. Anna :)

  31. Priyank that is good one, lol. I had many too, but they were usually problem sets, so I was able to do my corrections, but yes under pressure we can have crazy results calculated. I am glad that I don't have to do that anymore. Are you? Anna :)

  32. No way, thankfully I don't. After my MBA, I just have to appear important and talk and write big words that make no sense. I hate it, I was never so useless... hehe!

  33. Priyank lol that is funniest thing someone ever said about MBA, lol, and I wanted to do that once. Anna :)


And now lets hear your blobbing, lol!