Friday, July 10, 2009

Apple Cinnamon Chocolate Loaf from Heaven

'Okay, are you ready for my baking again?' - I asked.
'Looked at me, do I look like I need another cake?' - he said.
'Yes you do look like you need another cake to eat, and I need one too.' - I said.
'Then lets bake it.' - he said.

With touch of love and good ingredients I finally I got a recipe for a chocolate cake that all three of us like. It goes like that.

Take one stick of the unsalted butter - yes unsalted because love is not salty. Or is? Okay sometimes we get angry on each other, but hey its better to release that pressure than store it. So take that one stick of unsalted butter, that is 175 grams of butter fat and mix until fluffy with 2/3 of a cup of golden cane sugar. Yes this sounds very prestige, but by all means you can use granulated white sugar too. Better not discriminate against sugars - sweet stuff is needed. So by the time I finish this paragraph, the butter and sugar mixture should be fluffy by now. And if not just get closer to the oven - the heat does wonders, but do and do not melt the mixture.

Two ingredients down. Now let the woman get the apple. Yes we need apple. Ironic that apple in the bible was a bate. But love can conquer everything, so apple will not stand in our way. Peel one large size apple, dice it into 1 cm cubes and coat with cinnamon. Let it wait its turn.

Now visit your pantry and find that aging flour like I do. God only knows how old my flour is. Okay not only God, but me too. This time do not take my advice, just get some fresh whole wheat flour, or if you live in Canada, Robinhood got special nutri blend flour of white flour and bran. You will need 1 and 3/4 cup of this fine powder. Yes, Robinhood, but bet he doesn't have the 2 tea spoons of the baking powder. Use any brand, and just mix it with the flour.

Now, we need hen. No not for the cake, but for the eggs. Ask hen for four eggs, and if not available, just go to the store and get some. Once cracked, beat them lightly. And remember to take out that white disgusting amoeba floating stuff around. I don't know what is going on with those eggs but they have more of that stuff in them lately. Next thing we will be able to hatch those eggs. But don't take my word for it - think the fertilization process is necessary for the chic to be produced.

And now the best part, 1 and 1/2 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

The rest is easy, throw beaten eggs into the sugar butter mixture. Mix it. Throw flour and baking powder mixture. Mix it. Throw cinnamon coated apple cubes, Mix it. And lastly dump the chocolate, and mix that baby.

Take a loaf pan, coat with butter, and put strip of parchment paper on the bottom. Pour the mixture into the loaf pan, and bake this loaf of love for 1 hour at 325 F.

Three days later.

'Should I make another loaf?' - I asked.
'Looked at me, do I look like I need another cake?' - he said.
'No you do not need another cake honey.' - I said.
'But make sure you take a note of this recipe, okay?' - he said.
'Yes I will write it down.' - I said.

A day later....

'Not to the whole world, ouch.' - he said.
'Honey we need to share.' - I said.


  1. Interesting. A recipe post was never so interesting. Maybe I would never make the recipe, but I read it, which is for the first time. Those recipe book people shoudl take some advice from u. Or u shud try writing one. Lol @ Ask hen for four eggs. :) I am serious try writing a book!

  2. lolzzz

    funny recipe :P

    when r u going to write ur own book????

  3. hey

    if u dnt mind can i copy one of ur quotes to my orkut profile??

  4. Thanks Jagjit, lol. Funny I could read recipe books over and over, it is almost like satisfying my cravings, lol. Thanks for your input, but I don't know about the book yet, just not enough time, too many things to do. Thanks again, Anna :)

  5. Thanks Geekie, no no book yet, lol. Yes I don't mind but you have to give me linked credit for the quote if possible. Thanks again. Anna :)

  6. Anna, it seems like good recipe.. I hope I will use it one day.. You know what me, Raj and Sabi.. likes to make new recipes every weekend.. so I hope i will try this...

  7. Hi i will try that receipe for sure and will let you know ...looks delicious How is the little one doing .. Its been long time you post anything about your boy... anxious to read it take care

  8. Thanks Sunshine for your kind comment. I will be making this cake again on Friday - both me and my hubby have a great craving for it, and Matthew enjoys it too now. Yes it has been long time, check out my latest post about my bundle of joy. Take care my dear, and I will see you later. Anna :)

  9. Delightful, Anna. A recipe bursting with love, humor, and enthusiasm for living.

    You are a treasure. And apple cinnamon chocolate loaf sounds like a yum fest.

  10. San thanks, and you got it all right, and let me add too that the loaf once it is made it bursts with love, humor around it, and enthusiasm for eating chocolate. San glad to see you back here, hope you had a good one. Anna :)

  11. wow!! looks yummy! will have to try it! i favorited this post in my reader so i'll find it easily :)

  12. Hey Carina nice to see you back. Thanks for liking this post. It was fun writing it. Anna :)

  13. Thanks for visiting Learn Speaking English. BTW interesting name. Anna :)

  14. Funny, yummy, sweet reading. What else can we ask for?
    Take care
    XX Purple Cat

  15. Hey Purple Cat nice to see you here. Thanks so much for your kind and sweet comment. Anna :)

  16. Okay, if I embark upon another misadventure of cycling from Toronto to Barrie, I am going to self-invite myself shamelessly for a pitstop at the famous baker from Aurora, who writes a story blob, photographs and mothers a cute baby. :P

  17. Priyank you are the best! Thanks so much for your kind comment. You know if you love doing something, it always can be done.
    Anna :)


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