Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Toe Took A Tripple Beating

For sure I am not the only one that ran into the furniture and suddenly felt excruciating pain in the toe. Couple of nights ago I did it again. About 2 am in the morning after feeding my baby I walked towards the area where I have my water drinking station. Suddenly bang, my foot hits the wooden foot of the ottoman. Oh no, not again, I hate when this happens to me. As I reached out to grab my toe and apply pressure, a technique that always works, my husband heard the noise and he in a furious manner attempted to get up from the bed. That scared me, and I almost fell on top of my water station, that was close almost, lol.

'Why don't you wear slippers?' - a question my husband asked when around 9 pm I ran into the chair with the same foot and exactly same toe.

'Well I was going to get my slippers, but the chair was before the slippers' - I replied.

Somethings just happen in three's. In the late morning I had my dentist appointment. Just routine check up appointment. Everything worked out fine, Matthew behaved himself in the waiting room as he and my husband waited for me for almost 1 hour.

'I guess I will see you in next 6 months' - I told the dental administrator.

'Yes, will see you then, good bye' - she replied.

'Let me get the door' - I told my husband as he was strolling Matthew out the dental office.

'Ouch ouch ouch, for love of Pete' - I made squeaking noise, as this time the stroller ran over the same foot and the same toe.

As we sat in my parents living room this afternoon, we laughed, and I asked, 'So what's next?'
'A tire' - he replied laughing out loud.

In conclusion, I was fortunate that it was only toe self abuse and no real damage was done. However, will this teach me a lesson to wear slippers. I don't know I just like walking in my bare feet.


  1. Anna, super post and photo!!! And I KNOW we are long lost twins now. I have toe adventures too. A couple of years ago Jeff and I went on the Agawa Train tour and I became dizzy from the long ride on the tracks both ways. When back at home I awoke in the middle of night and walked to the kitchen in the dark, a little disoriented. I tipped a heavy wooden chair onto my toe and screamed in pain. The emergency room said it was broken but the orthopedic surgeon said it wasn't. I still hobbled around on it for six weeks. Couldn't even stand a blanket touching it.

    THEN I proceeded to bump and lose the toenails on both big toes.

    I'm making the sign of the cross for both of us!!!

    Good morning. :D

    Hugs, JJ

  2. Thanks JJ. Long lasting twin, for sure. Oh my, my isn't that bad, just bruised. You know I always wondered how do you keep a cast on toe, especially in the cold weather when you have to go out, lol. Six weeks, that is a long time. So probably it was broken. Oh those toe nails take forever to grow, lol, may be because there is not much sun. Well, hope all is okay for now. Thanks JJ for sharing your story. Anna :)

  3. Hey Anna,

    Girl, I too walk around the house in my bare feet...I don't like slippers...I like my feet LOL LOL!

    Now, what is up with all this toe bumping? Perhaps someone was trying to tell you might have a sign of some sort (don't know)!

    Baby Matthew is having the time of his life, eh? LOL

    Big hug to both of you!


  4. i do it all the time :D
    i guess some people are loved by furniture more than others :D

    Loved the pic :)

  5. I had a cat years ago that would attack you if you walked around late at night with the lights off. He would come bounding out of the darkness, wrap himself around an ankle and bite your toes. We started wearing slippers!

  6. Hey Max I like my feet too, lol. So you never bump into the furniture with your toe, wow, I did it many many times, but this time it was kind of serious. No nobody told me anything, lol.
    Thanks again Max, and yes Matthew sending hugs too, Anna :)

  7. Thanks Lena, I guess I am one of them, lol. Well I get my furniture back by vacuuming, lol, you should see all the scaffed edges on them, lol. Thanks Lena again for your comment, Anna :)

  8. Will okay that was funny, lol, crazy cat perhaps. Dogs do that to me all the time, but they just lick my toes....ouch...I still forget to bring my slippers with me, and on top of that no sucks. Thanks again for sharing your funny story Will,

  9. Thanks Priyank, I will, I have many more too come...Anna :)

  10. Anna,

    LOL LOL you kill me, girl!

    I wish you, and Baby Matt, a fantastic week :D!


  11. Max, oh dear, lol, hope not to much. Thanks again, Anna :)

  12. LOL LOL no, not too much...I promise :D!

    You are welcome, darling *hug*!



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